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PT100 Elements
  • PT100 Elements,Fast response,Accuracy,Small size.
  • General Purpose PT100 Probes
  • General Purpose PT100 Probes,304 stainless steel straight probe assembly,Low cost,Fast response,Accuracy.
  • Thread mounting PT100
  • Thread mounting PT100,304 stainless steel probe with male connector ,Fast reponse,Low cost,Accuracy.
  • Extruder PT100 RTD Probes With Compression Fittings
  • Extruder PT100 RTD Probes With Compression Fittings,Ideal for Plastic Process Machinery.
  • Handle Probes PT100
  • Handle Probes PT100 feature an integral handle design making them ideal for manual temperature measurement.
  • Industrial PT100 RTDs
  • The Industrial PT100 RTDs assemblies offer a variety of protection heads to meet the environmental and size requirements of most applications.