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Industrial PT100 RTDs

Product Name: Industrial PT100 RTDs
Product Model: BD-PT100
Product exhibitors: RTD Sensor
Product Documentation: No Related Documents


The Industrial PT100 RTDs assemblies offer a variety of protection heads to meet the environmental and size requirements of most applications.

Industrial PT100 RTDs  A detailed description of
Industrial Thermocouples

We need to know the information when ordering.

1.PT100 precision selection (A class±0.15 B class±0.30 C class±0.60℃);

2.Temperature Range;

3.304 stainless steel probe assembly (Other stainless steel  provided on request);

4.Probe length;

5. Probe diameter;

6.Flanged  mounting or thread mounting;

7.Flanged or thread size;

8.Other requirements.
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